Staples Home Robbery TV Ad

Like everything else TV ads have their share of hits and misses. There are commercials we love because they are entertaining to watch. And there are ones that are just annoying or utterly tasteless.
One of the worst examples this years is Staple’s “Home Robbery” TV commercial. It boggles the mind how something so obviously lacking in intellect have made it through the approval process. I can only assume that something like this has been hastily approved over the phone in the middle of a golf shot or something.

Staples Home Robbery Ad
(The video has since become private. So we can’t view it. Perhaps, it is so stupid they felt the need to hide it.)

Here’s how the ad goes:
A young family consisting of a couple and a kid comes home and discovers that their house has been robbed. While everything of value seems to be stolen, the couple finds a computer – which looks like it’s from the 90s – sitting in one of the rooms untouched. And the couple’s response to this is, “Maybe it’s time for a new computer”. Fast forward toward the end, couple buys a spanking new computer at Staples. They both seem very happy then utters “Now, this is something they would steal”.

First all, you have to be vary cautious when playing off a negative life experience, especially something to which people can immediately relate. Even more so when it’s a commercial where you’re trying to persuade people to buy your products.

“Maybe it’s time for a new computer”? “Now, this is something they would steal”? Gimme a break.
If the thief didn’t steal your old computer, it’s a good thing. Especially if you had all the photos, videos and other important files in it. You wouldn’t immediately replace it with something “they would steal”.

Somewhere in the midst of all this absurdness the ad tries to hint the existence of Staple’s free file transfer service (btw, which I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal to transfer files). However, the entire ad is massively missing the mark and fails to provoke positive emotions.

At it’s core, this ad is basically saying; buy a new computer at Staples and make sure the thief takes it next time.
It wouldn’t be so “easy” to retrieve your photos, videos and taxes then would it?

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