Scarface School Play

People who came up with this should hang themselves.

You don’t have to be a model citizen to see this is totally inappropriate. Replacing swear words with “motherfudgers” doesn’t make it any safer for kids. What’s a swear word? Is it merely a collection of alphabets that make up a word? Is it not a swear as long as it’s misspelled or pronounced differently? No. swear words are contextual expression of hate. Exact pronunciation and spelling of it is irrelevant because they’re merely a representation of the emotion behind it. When someone swears at one in foreign language, it’s the emotion that gets the point across not the word itself. Think about how some people use the word “fuck”. It can be used to express anger but it also can be used to express amazement in a positive context.

People who made this video are f****g morons.

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