Which is longer? Facebook Privacy Policy or The U.S. Constitution

Facebook Policy Word Count = 5830 (and growing)
U.S. Constitution Word Count = 4543

Here’s a nice graphic from the New York Times that charts the growth of Facebook’s privacy policy.

How much does the entire Internet know about your personal life?
Here is how much

Facebook user data exposure

As a user you are not Facebook’s customer. You are its product. Facebook sells its product (your data) to the advertisers who are its customers.
You are not using Facebook. Facebook is using you.
Of course, this only matters if you are one of the minority who puts their ‘real’ information on Facebook.
But if you’re like the majority of smart Facebook users – scammers, perverts, voyeurs with fake names, gamers with multiple bogus accounts – Facebook can be a wonderful place.

Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options

“How much of Facebook user data is exposed

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