Why are camera lenses so expensive?

Have you wondered why camera lenses are so expensive? Aren’t they just pieces of glass?
Pros and amateurs alike are often baffled by the prohibitive cost of high performance lenses which can easily cost several times more than the camera itself.
Here’s a video that briefly takes you through the lens manufacturing process at Canon. The video itself isn’t terribly exciting to watch. But it does give you an insight to the complexity of the lens manufacturing process.

By the way, the Canon EF 500mm lens featured on the video sells for about $9500.00 USD.

Color correcting digital photos using Photoshop

No one and no camera’s auto AE program gets perfect exposure every time. In the film days, photographers were able to compensate for this imperfection in the development lab. During the film developing and print process, dodging, burning, and exposure duration can be used in combination to tweak the print. In digital, we don’t have development process. So it’s perfectly okay not to feel guilty using Photoshop to color correct your photos. Everyone, even pros use some digital manipulation (even when they don’t admit to it). Continue reading “Color correcting digital photos using Photoshop”

It’s a good time to get a digital Single Lens Reflex – Nikon D90

I’ve waited long enough. Time has come for me to get a DSLR. I have ran out of excuses not to get one. I can no longer justify using film or shoot pocket cam when a job at hand demands more. While full-frames still cost more than what I want to spend most decent pro-consumer DSLRs have come down in price to a reasonable level. Objectively speaking, even the entry level DSLRs on the market today are exceptional value considering what they’re capable of. Continue reading “It’s a good time to get a digital Single Lens Reflex – Nikon D90”