Be a Sustainable Superhero – 3 Easy things you can do

Green technology, sustainable technology, or sustainable designs are some of the buzzwords of our time. What does it exactly mean? At the core of it, it’s an attempt to eliminate negative environmental impact and waste prevention through design. It all sounds grand. To many of us it sounds like something that only scientists, government or people who are smarter than us should be concerned with. But sustainability isn’t rocket science. I can think of three dead simple things you can do right at home right now that satisfies all of the sustainable design principles.
Even if you are someone who don’t give a damn about sustainability, green, earth, or whatever, the following info will make your life a bit simpler, less annoying and even save you some money. Continue reading “Be a Sustainable Superhero – 3 Easy things you can do”

Fixing Samsung LCD TV – follow up

I posted an article on how to repair the non-powering up Samsung LCD TV. Here’s the original post.

Quite a few people have e-mailed me saying that they could not find the same capacitors at Radio Shack.
Remember, as I stated in my original post, you’re NOT looking for the exact same capacitors at Radio Shack.
Chances are you’re not going find the exact capacitor with the same voltage rating like the one Samsung originally used.
For my LN Series Samsung LCD TV, I boiught 1000uf, 35v capacitor (uf = microfarad).
It’s a 1000 microfarad, 35 volt. The old ones on the TV I believe are 10v. You’re actually buying a higher voltage capacitor for this repair. Higher voltage capacitors should hold up better. So do not go into Radio Shack looking for 1000uf, 10v capacitor. You’ll not find it.

1000uf, 35v

Remember not to reverse the polarity (+/-) on these capacitors. The negative side is marked with a big (-) symbol. Make note of the sides before removing the old ones.

How I fixed my Samsung LCD TV

Everyone now can be an expert in anything with the help of the internet. Here’s how I DIY’d my Samsung LCD TV and saved $300 – $400.
The LN series Samsung LCD TV never really powers up instantly even when new. But the time it takes to power up the TV took longer and longer (as long as 10 minutes in some cases). The LED light on the power button would flash with clicking sound. This will eventually lead to your TV not powering up at all. Mind you, the TV is less than 2 years old. Turns out that this is a known problem with most Samsung LCD TVs with model number starting with “LN” and slew of other models as well. Continue reading “How I fixed my Samsung LCD TV”