Complainers are innovators in web development

For those of us who have been developing websites since the 1990s, it’s easy to lay back and say “it won’t get any better than this” as far as front-end development and client-side technologies go. We’ve lived through the early days of web development using primitive HTML tags, rustic browsers, and all of the growing pains of web. It’s amazing how the craft has improved over the years. Stylesheets are now well supported, browsers are much smarter and compliant, not to mention numerous javascript libraries and access to developer communities. So it’s easy to think this is the pinnacle for our tools of the trade.

But let’s think for a minute about those who began their career as web developers just a few short years ago. Things that we old schoolers have come to appreciate and find fascinating are taken for granted by the web newbies. The current technology is nothing new to them. It could have existed since the stone age for all they know. No one thinks about the origins of things in the web profession. And just as how we were distressed and annoyed with the limitation of the technologies of the time, the newbies now are going through the same phase. They aren’t satisfied with what they’re given. They complain about the limitations of the CSS. They complain about browsers not being perfect. Of course, we complain along with them because appreciation for technology is very short lived in this profession.

But you know what? That is a great thing. Because from that very dissatisfaction and from this cycle that web professionals go through comes new great ideas and continuous improvements. If no one complained, we might not have advanced to where we are today. It’s important that you complain. It’s important to want more. It’s important not to accept anything as a means to an end in web development. Everything is a beginning and a process.

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