Week 1: Question 1.2

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List of 10 Gaps

  1. Ways to make the bicycle saddle not hurt your bottom. I tried many saddles and quite a few expensive biking shorts. But after an hour or so your bottom hurts regardless. Is there any way to redesign the bike saddle so it doesn’t hurt?
  2. Hair spray nozzle that always clogs. I always need to run it through hot water before I can use the spray which costs extra time and effort.
  3. The toilet seat cover sheets always rip apart the wrong way when I try to use them at the office or in public restrooms. Is there a better way to design these?
  4. It is aways difficult trying to plug in micro USB the right side up in the dark or dim light or any USB for that matter.
  5. * Ironically, I chose my manual coffee dripper as the ‘Good Design’ item (Question 1.1). But unfortunately, it’s not perfect. At least not in my case. My favorite coffee mug is quite large. As a result, the dripper sits on top my mug just barely. It almost looks like it’s going to fall into the mug. But most of the time, a little tap or vibration would cause it to fall off the mug. So I just end up holding it while brewing.
  6. When using a wireless computer mouse or keyboard, there is no way to know for certain if the lack of response is caused by low battery or computer itself. Eventually you do know when to replace the battery, but not before you experience the on and off lag that may last days or weeks before you realize it’s time.
  7. I’m in search for a cloth hanger or some other solution that won’t deform shoulders on my shirts. I always find a ‘bump’ on each of the shoulder after it’s been hung for a while. Some garments are not suitable for fold and stack so I need to hang them. But is there a way to minimize the ‘bumps’ on the shoulder?
  8. Pen caps that do not fit on the back of the very pen from which they came off. Very annoying.
  9. Nail clippers always shoot clipped nails in unanticipated directions. I sometimes clip my fingernails hovering inside the toilet bowl to prevent nails flying all over. This isn’t always a pleasant experience as you can imagine. Anyway, I guess this is one of the annoyance that people just accept. But is there a way we can redesign the clippers so you spend less time cleaning up?
  10. Ziplock bags always trap air in the bag as you close them. Most of the time you don’t want excessive air trapped inside the bag. I’m sure there is a way to design the zips so they don’t trap as much air.

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