Fixing Samsung LCD TV – follow up

I posted an article on how to repair the non-powering up Samsung LCD TV. Here’s the original post.

Quite a few people have e-mailed me saying that they could not find the same capacitors at Radio Shack.
Remember, as I stated in my original post, you’re NOT looking for the exact same capacitors at Radio Shack.
Chances are you’re not going find the exact capacitor with the same voltage rating like the one Samsung originally used.
For my LN Series Samsung LCD TV, I boiught 1000uf, 35v capacitor (uf = microfarad).
It’s a 1000 microfarad, 35 volt. The old ones on the TV I believe are 10v. You’re actually buying a higher voltage capacitor for this repair. Higher voltage capacitors should hold up better. So do not go into Radio Shack looking for 1000uf, 10v capacitor. You’ll not find it.

1000uf, 35v

Remember not to reverse the polarity (+/-) on these capacitors. The negative side is marked with a big (-) symbol. Make note of the sides before removing the old ones.

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