Get to know WordPress plus real web development

I’d like to single out yet another skill-set a web designer must be aware of. It’s WordPress. The enormous popularity of the WordPress platform along with blogging and simple content management has transformed the way we build lightweight websites. It’s unlikely that a large scale site or application would be built entirely of WordPress but we see it being used in blog sections of popular websites such as The New York Times.

WordPress has become so popular, that in some circles, a web designer is known as someone who customizes and designs for WordPress. Contrary to popular belief, however, working with WordPress does not free web designers from the need to learn and gain knowledge of other existing web technologies. WordPress is like a well prepared blank canvass that a designer or a developer must enhance upon. WordPress only frees us from reinventing the wheel, but as far as improving and spicing up the wheel, we can all get creative and sky is the limit.

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