Is social media making us anti-social?

I believe technology should enrich our lives, make our everyday a bit more interesting and garnish the life we already have as humans in a society. It should not be something that enslaves us.
Look what’s happening around you. Many so called ‘social’ media is actually making people anti-social. The addiction toward technology and social media is so severe that people rarely talk or mingle in person.

Friends who used to talk to each other now check their emails or play games on phones while waiting for their food in a restaurant. Parents and children alike logon to their computer as soon as they come home right up to the point where they doze off. Some can’t bear the thought of missing out on upto-the-second Twitter update on Ashton Kutcher’s preference on hairspray.

The level of addiction is serious. People do not talk to each other anymore. What is the value of having 600 friends on Facebook if you are sitting in your room staring at your little phone on weekends? We may think we’re doing a lot by making friends or creating network online but we’re actually achieving nothing if our real life becomes lifeless. Start making friends with someone next to you, someone you can see and actually talk to. I’m not saying we do not need technology or social media. No, far from it. We do need technology and online community. Many peoples’ livelihood including mine depend on the existence and adaptation of technology. But like any other good things in life, technology should be integrated into our lives in moderation.

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