Make Boring Interesting

“If I could work on something more exciting, I can kick some ass as a designer. Things I work on now is just too boring”. I’ve heard many designers say things along those lines many, many times. They’re the ones who think those ho-hum projects don’t deserve their best efforts. Those who think this way most likely will not succeed no matter where they work. Because the problem lies in their mentality not in the projects.
It’s not practical nor professional to expect to work on cool and exciting stuff that you like all the time. A true design professional is someone who seeks and successfully discovers opportunities to be interesting and engaging in everything they do. And that opportunity is everywhere.

Below is a variant of a real-life example (Name has changed for NDA reasons). A request for one page consisting of some text and a button. It can’t get any more dry and boring than this on the scale of dry and boring. The request was just that. It said to place the text on a page and provide button with provided label.

You have designers who come up with something like this just to get it over with.
Boring 1
It still works. It does everything that was asked. However, a designer’s job is not simply relaying the message. Designers need to make boring interesting. This is the work of extra pair of hands not a designer. No company should pay someone who comes up with crap like this.

Then you have designers who do this.
Exact same content and same set of instructions. But this is the work of a true professional who goes beyond what was asked, someone who’s willing to give little more to make things a bit more interesting. A true designer finds opportunities to be interesting from things that are seemingly uninteresting and boring.

Here is another example. A request for a simple form that allows participant to select from list of choices.

Again, you have designers who do this.

And designers who do this.

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