Meaningless and Overused Words in Design

“The goal is to create simple, clean, and modern design blah, blah, blah…”
How many times have you heard that phrase at the kick off meetings? As if that’s some sort of a differentiator. It isn’t.
No one wants complicated, dirty, or outdated anything. Therefore, pitching “simple”, “clean”, and “modern” is saying absolutely nothing. It’s truism. It’s meaningless. Imagine a GM executive saying “Our goal is to build a car that starts, moves forward and moves backward.”

“That needs to pop more.”
Till this day, no one knows what that means. Not even the person suggesting it.

Being different among the crowd is good. But the difference must amount to something useful, beneficial, and valuable. There are no shortage of things that are different but stupid. Being different merely for the sake of being different adds no value. “Different” is a result. It should not be misunderstood as an attribute.

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