Mega Wasted Pixels – The Digital Camera Myth

Digital camera market is full of advertising gibberish boasting high number of megapixel designed to lure consumer and beginner photographers into believing that more megapixel equals better picture and a better camera.

This is complete nonsense. Higher number of megapixel does not equal to higher quality pictures. Higher number of megapixel in a digital camera does not mean it’s a better camera the same way the number of pages in a book has nothing to do with the greatness of the book.

Today, advertising driven consumers are lost deep within the misconception and myth surrounding digital cameras and megapixel. It’s almost laughable especially when practically all of the consumer level photographs end up as 4×6 or 5×7 prints at Walgreens or Costco. And knowing consumer level camera users, they’ll set their cameras to shoot at the highest MP setting as possible. In doing so, they soon realize the mega gigs of memory card they had is suddenly not big enough to hold all of the images. So they go out and buy more memory cards to hold more uselessly large images of blurry photos of their kids doing silly stuff.
They’ll go out and buy bigger hard drives to store more blurry photos of their kids doing silly stuff. Not only that, they’ll also soon realize their once capable computer isn’t fast enough at processing all of the uselessly large blurry photos of their kids doing silly stuff, so they’ll go out and buy a new computer as well.

Imagine all of the wasted space, memory, processing and transfer time not to mention the money wasted on hardware when measly 5 or 6 megapixel was more than enough to get a high quality 4×6 prints at a local Costco. There are photographs sold in galleries for thousands of dollars that are shot with 6 megapixel cameras.

So why so much emphasis on the megapixel? Well, advertising is for idiots. Advertising sells products just as politicians sell promises. Do your own research and make better decisions. There are lot more features of the camera that directly affects the picture quality and how the camera handles more than the count of megapixels. Also, the best and the greatest may not always work for you. Everyone has different needs and purpose for a camera. So concentrate on the features that are important to you. Focal length, zoom, aperture range, shutter speed, sensor size, weight, size, write speed, iso range are just some of the points to consider. Megapixels matters to some degree but it’s not everything.

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  1. I must agree average consumer is being tricked 😉
    However everyone is slowly starting to become more photography savyy, soon realizing what they’re doing is completely stupid.

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