“Sent from my iPhone, inside my Ferrari”

‘Sent from my iPhone’, ‘Sent via Blackberry’, or sent from whatever mobile device signatures used to imply one of few things:

1. “Look at me I’m cool~~!, I have [name of the latest mobile device here]. I’m also writing this as I’m driving my Audi A6 while reaching into my Prada to find something… oops…, gotta go, just dropped my D&G shades..”

2. An apology for being terse, brevity or a typo

3. “I do not know how to modify the default signature”

We all know that #1 no longer applies. It may have been a bragging right around 3 years ago but who cares anymore. A grocery bagger guy at my local produce fiddles with his iPhone between bags. He was also wearing a North Face Denali. Go figure.

I always believed #2 (an apology for being terse, brevity or a typo) was bullshit. If the mail in question is important enough for whatever reason business or otherwise, you would take the extra time to correct typos or elaborate the message. Brevity and typos have nothing to do with the size of a keyboard or whether you’re on the move or at home. It’s the importance and the context of the email in question.

For casual exchanges most people don’t proofread emails. And that’s okay. No one needs to apologize for that. Also, emailing someone isn’t some extraordinary opportunity where you only get one shot. People now are connected all of the time. No one writes more than they need to. In fact, everyone writes less and less regardless of the device they’re typing with. I don’t remember ever being temped to write longer emails because I was using a larger keyboard.

So there you have it. There is no reason why these little silly signatures should linger around. For those who do not know how to modify the default signatures, do yourself a favor and search how. Chances are you’re no more than 2 taps away from becoming less annoying. Seriously, no one really cares where your emails come from.

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