Staples Home Robbery TV Ad

Like everything else TV ads have their share of hits and misses. There are commercials we love because they are entertaining to watch. And there are ones that are just annoying or utterly tasteless. One of the worst examples this years is Staple’s “Home Robbery” TV commercial. It boggles the mind how something so obviously […]

Mega Wasted Pixels – The Digital Camera Myth

Digital camera market is full of advertising gibberish boasting high number of megapixel designed to lure consumer and beginner photographers into believing that more megapixel equals better picture and a better camera.

Comparative Advertising

I recently came across the ad below. It’s an example of a classic comparative advertising where one brand attacks another. This particular ad caught my attention because the players seemed to have switched position from just a few years ago. This time, Nissan attacks Hyundai. Why is this interesting?