Dyson Ball Marketing

This is a clip from one of the TV ads for Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. You can see a lazy person vacuuming around everything; toys, dog bowl, dining room chair, etc to show you how the Dyson Ball handles curves. In reality, however, it’d be much easier if you moved those things before vacuuming.

In a way, this is brilliant marketing. It shows you how an advertising campaign can skew or distort how we look at things. Advertisers make sure you see only what they want you to see. Most people will pick up and move the dog bowl before attempting to vacuum the floor even if they were using the Dyson Ball. But when commercials like this catch you off guard, people don’t see it that way. They just see the coolness of the Ball in action.

Free for only $5!

While I was searching for a new hosting company I came across this Hostgator’s web hosting offers. Take a look at the three options. If you look closely and compare the Baby Plan (middle) with the Business Plan (third option), you’ll notice that the Business Plan has everything that the Baby Plan has plus couple more features that are included for free. But look at the price. The Business Plan costs 5 dollars more per month than the Baby Plan. Free is good right? Yes, but not so when you have to pay $5 for it.

This reminded me of ‘power of free’ from Dan Ariely‘s book, Predictably Irrational.