It’s a good time to get a digital Single Lens Reflex – Nikon D90

I’ve waited long enough. Time has come for me to get a DSLR. I have ran out of excuses not to get one. I can no longer justify using film or shoot pocket cam when a job at hand demands more. While full-frames still cost more than what I want to spend most decent pro-consumer DSLRs have come down in price to a reasonable level. Objectively speaking, even the entry level DSLRs on the market today are exceptional value considering what they’re capable of.

To make the long story very short, it came down to Canon 50D and Nikon D90. The price point and the capabilities of these two were very similar.

I have had 35mm film SLRs from all sorts of brands including Pentax, Olympus, and Canon but I have never owned a Nikon before. I’ve always had a soft spot for Nikons but have never got around to owning one. And since I’m not a professional photographer by trade whose collection of expensive lenses dictate brand loyalty, I decided to go with the Nikon. But the decision wasn’t totally on a whim. The fact that the Nikon D90 has larger sensor without the extraneous pixel count was a big plus for me since I enjoy low-light and night shooting. Although the Canon 50d felt better in the hands and I really liked the position of the shutter release button. The Canon 50d also has higher maximum shutter speed. But since I don’t shoot sports or chase around cheetahs all day, the pro-level shutter speed was of little use for me.

In fact, the Nikon had little details that I thought would be more useful to me. The menu system and the access to settings on the Nikon was much quicker to manipulate which is a big plus in situations where you just don’t have enough time to fiddle with menus. So far I am very satisfied with my decision.

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