You won’t find me on Facebook

Why don’t I own a Facebook account?
Because I don’t want my life, relationships, likes or dislikes, interests, buying habits, thoughts or goals in life to be monetized by a corporation. Especially by a corporation run by a kid who doesn’t value personal privacy except his own.

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I don’t want to agree to a Terms of Service that is totally one sided.

I don’t like to be ‘targeted’ and spied on by marketers who claim to know better than I what I should wear, eat, drive, where to go, whom or what to like. But most of all, I don’t want to agree to a Terms of Service that is totally one sided.

Facebook is a company that looks after its advertisers, not the users. Because advertisers are Facebook’s clients and users are the product. Many of its so called ‘improvements’ are fulfilling marketers and advertisers’ needs rather than its users.

Facebook frequently makes – behind users’ back – subtle but significant and sensitive changes to their Terms of Service which are in advertisers’ favor at the price of users’ privacy. Here is one of their inappropriate attempts one of which they backtracked only when met with viscous opposition and only when the issue became too exposed and public to a point where they had no choice but save their face. But the fundamental structure of loose privacy still remains.

Facebook modified the friends-list privacy option which forced all friends-list to be public back in November of 2009 (another one of which they backtracked after strong opposition). However, during this time Mark Zuckerberg’s own Facebook page showed zero friends. Did he really have no friends? Possible. Or more likely, was his account rigged to protect his privacy while not giving a damn about anyone else’s?

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