Are you still “clicking here?”

Back when the rotary telephone was the bleeding edge technology, say in 1890’s or so, it probably wasn’t unusual to say things like “put your finger in that hole, rotate to the right all the way, and repeat…”
Then it probably evolved to something like “Dial these numbers.” Now we just say “Call me.”

Do you remember when companies printed their website address in print or packaging it always had “http://www…”?
It went from “Visit our website at”,
to “Visit our website”,
to “”.

As we become familiar with an idea, we describe them less. Simply because there’s no longer a need to describe or explain.

In the early days of the internet, it was perfectly acceptable or even encouraged to use the phrase “click here to do this…” simply because people did not know that they could click things on the screen. But things have changed didn’t they?

Usability experts discouraged use of “click here” by preaching something along the lines of “Focus on the goal not the method.” That was Google’s preaching as well. But apparently, it wasn’t very effective. “Click here” is still rampant. Probably because saying “Focus on the goal not the method” is a pretty boring way to convince someone.

So here’s an example that I hope can clear things up.
Which of the two phrases below would you rather use?

“Take the elevator up to fifteenth floor.”
“Push the up button next to the metal doors, get inside once the doors open, once inside locate the panel with lot of buttons, push the button with ’15’ written on it, and then….”

That should give a pretty good idea of how silly it is to use “click here” in this day and age.
Do yourself a favor. Don’t be a dinosaur.

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