Be a Sustainable Superhero – 3 Easy things you can do

Green technology, sustainable technology, or sustainable designs are some of the buzzwords of our time. What does it exactly mean? At the core of it, it’s an attempt to eliminate negative environmental impact and waste prevention through design. It all sounds grand. To many of us it sounds like something that only scientists, government or people who are smarter than us should be concerned with. But sustainability isn’t rocket science. I can think of three dead simple things you can do right at home right now that satisfies all of the sustainable design principles.
Even if you are someone who don’t give a damn about sustainability, green, earth, or whatever, the following info will make your life a bit simpler, less annoying and even save you some money.

Adopting the newest and the latest without discretion creates trivialities and needless concerns that waste more of our time.

Use Mechanical Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scale is one thing that absolutely doesn’t need to depend on battery power. The concept of digital read-out electronic bathroom scale is a telling example of over-design and misapplication. They offer very little, if any practical benefit over mechanical scales. Mechanically operated scales are just as – or even more so – accurate, are more reliable and durable beyond any doubt than the digital ones. You can free yourself from buying, replacing, and discarding batteries by choosing mechanical scale. More importantly, you will never again experience the inconvenience of the down time caused by weak or dead battery. There. Your quality of life just went up and you get a “greenie badge” (for those who give a damn…) as a bonus.

Use Wired Mouse

Wireless computer mouse is another novelty-over-practicality invention of our time. A wireless mouse offers some benefit if you travel frequently with the laptop (but you should really learn to use the built-in touch pad). Think about the benefits of wireless mouse in relation to the cost – the things you have to put up with. Wireless mouse is typically more expensive, they are more likely less responsive than the wired ones, and are more prone to failure simply because they are more complicated. However, the most annoying of all, how do you really tell if your computer is being unresponsive or the battery in your wireless mouse is dying? No matter how computer savvy you are, there is always that moment when you are unsure. Go ahead and free yourself from the annoying down time, agonizing lag, and the chores of swapping batteries by going wired.

Use Wired Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are even sillier than the wireless mouse. Again, as with most wireless computer peripherals, there is that annoying unresponsive phase when the battery becomes weak. Signs of weak battery is undistinguishable from symptoms of a crashed or lagging system. Anyone who claims to know the difference is lying. So why do you put up with such inconvenience and annoyance every few months or so? What is that all worth? Go wired as any wise person would. Save yourself a few bucks and earn yourself another greenie badge as a bonus.

Thing that don't need to rely on battery

New gadgets and latest technology don’t always improve the quality of our lives. It’s easy to get blinded by the newness and the novelty and not realize that some are actually degrading the quality of life. Adopting the newest and the latest without discretion creates trivialities and needless concerns that waste more of our time.

Sustainable lifestyle isn’t only the right thing to do, but it’s better for us, frees us. It makes us think less about the insignificant and needless things that really don’t matter.

Update: AC Powered Apple Trackpad

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