Flash – How to hide layers from movie without deleting the layer

I had quite a few people ask me how they can hide a layer in Flash without actually deleting that layer. The little “X” below the eye icon hides a layer from view while you’re working on a file but doesn’t hide that layer from a published movie. What if you don’t want certain layers to be published in a movie but yet do not want to delete them in case you want it back? Many beginners simply delete the layer, test movie, and then undo the deletion if they want the layer back. While this works, it’s not very elegant nor efficient especially when you’re dealing with multiple layers. Not to mention relying on undo is very risky in Flash.

This is where the “Guide” layer comes in. The Guide feature is originally intended to hold a path on which an object should move. Since you wouldn’t want the guide to show in a movie, Flash hides any layer designated as a guide. Since you can designate any layer as a Guide layer, this in turn works perfectly in case you want to hide a layer from a published movie temporarily. Just turn the guide on to hide and turn it back off if you want to include it back in the movie! Simple and elegant.

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    1. Not that I know of.
      Since I have stopped Flash development long ago, I do not know if this is possible on newer versions of Flash authoring environment. Maybe it has custom key designation option. Not sure.

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