Translating the Language of Software for Humans

I have finally summarized in few short words the ultimate purpose and the goal of a UX professional. It’s translating the software language into human friendly conceptual model. It may come across as somewhat philosophical but it isn’t. It literally means what it says. For my job, I am constantly converting what the software does into something that humans can easily understand. My ultimate goal as UI/UX professional is to make complex things simple for humans. Make it beautiful and make it work.

The discipline of User Experience (UX) as we know it today has existed in various forms in the past. Some used the term Human Centered Design (HCD), or User Centered Design (UCD) interchangeably to refer to User Experience. However it was called, the practice of UX hasn’t received much spotlight – at least not in the web application design – until recent years. Many web apps were mere graphical representation of the underlying system and the data structure. Early web apps and software are examples of products designed around the machine way of thinking. Users of these products – humans were expected to adapt to machine ways of thinking and tolerate its limitations and quirks that came with it.

However, those days are long gone. Products designed around that old way of thinking are no longer tolerated nor accepted. Machines are now expected to adapt to the human ways of thinking. This inevitably requires the programs to be coded with smarter and more complicated logic. It’s also why I believe this is a truly exciting time to be a UX professional as the translation of complex technology into simple human comprehensible form will become a dire need.

As a generation, we’re witnessing the pivotal transformation of human-machine-interaction. Technology used to intimidate and complicate human lives. But that will no longer be the case. The survival of any future technology will depend on its human friendliness and simplicity.

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